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Establish your Identity

What is true to you?

How are you going to frame who you are?

Let's Find it together

It’s a big, marvelous, crazy world right now and we need music more than ever. You feel it, don’t you?


I imagine you are bursting at the seams with talent and you are wondering how you will ever fulfill living up to all that you know you can do. You are wondering how you will set yourself apart. How will you stand out? You may be wondering what the future looks like in this business of music. Perhaps these last few months you have been unable to make music, like many of us because of the parameters of the pandemic and you are wondering how to jump back in with some momentum. Maybe you have completed a degree and are trying to get into the next level with a young artist program or management. Maybe you are weighing whether graduate school is right for you or if you should take a gap year. Maybe you are wondering if a degree in music is really the thing to do. Could you make it without one? Maybe you are in your high school years and you have some big dreams and you need guidance on how it all works. Maybe you are certain of all it and you just need someone to hold you accountable and help you along the way.


I want to prepare students to be accomplished 21st-century singers who can emulate extraordinary bel canto technique while pairing it with exciting, new, confident, business-minded self-starters who wow us with unique sounds while also creating their own opportunities until the big break comes along. I want to teach energetic, out of the box type singers, willing to break all the rules they’ve learned in order to stand out. 


I’ve spent 22 years as a singer in the opera business. I nailed the high notes and toured all the fabulous countries. For 7 years I've combined my singing adventures with teaching voice with 5 of those in higher education. I entered the business right on the cusp of social media. We’ve come a long way since just needing a website. I’ve participated in all the changes and trends that have come to the industry and am more excited than ever at the new challenges we face.


Performances will return. People will pack houses again. It will be unlike anything we can imagine. You want to be there. You want to sing about all the things in life that have been caught in your throat these last months. 


What will it take to stand out? It will take knowledge of YOUR voice, it’s potential, and it’s limits. It will take dedication in paying attention to yourself, to the nuance of breath and release. It will take mastery and beauty of technique, yes. But, more than ever we need YOU in the sound. Every layer of your humanity must be discovered so that you offer your most authentic vulnerable self. We need your identity.


I want to help you find it. 



I'm looking forward to speaking with you about


Voice Goals and Exciting Projects!

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Jonathan Turner, Parent

Leah is incredibly talented and has connected with our daughter on both voice and piano. Our daughter has made incredible progress in a short period of time, and eagerly anticipates the lessons each week.

Sophia Priolo, Soprano Actor

Leah is truly one of the best teachers I have ever worked with....and I've worked with many. Her teaching style is graceful and encouraging and positive, and she makes you feel you can certainly accomplish your goals. Her technique is solid and pedogogically very sound. She knows what she's talking about. She is able to articulate exactly what she wants you do and help you do it with ease. I enjoy her lessons very much! 

Forrest Starr, Beaufort S.C High School Voices

She is truly one of a kind! Fantastic teacher! I studied under her during my time at Kennesaw State University and could not have had a better experience! She is persistent, patient and willing to work through any issues. She was also extremely flexible around my crazy schedule! She was exactly who I needed and will prove to be invaluable to all her students! A++ would recommend to all.