• Leah

Taking Time

I was talking to my best friend about time. We were reminiscing on the progress we have made over the past 20 years studying and singing. Gosh, our paths were so different! Let me tell you, every path IS different and people arrive to certain success at different moments in their age and development. There's no magic formula. But, common to every career is the passing of time.

The Passing of Time is ...

To the younger singer the passing of time brings a lot of anxiety. So often, singers come into the studio in their mid-20's and are already in the 'compare and despair' state of mind. They are in a rush to get their technique solidified because they are comparing themselves to their colleague or to the path of some famous singer they admire. WHY DON'T I HAVE AN OFFER TO THAT YOUNG ARTIST PROGRAM? I HAVEN'T EVEN DONE MY FIRST MAIN-STAGE ROLE YET! UGH, I STILL CAN'T SING THAT ARIA RIGHT!

To the mature singer the passing of time also brings a tug of anxiety. Time is running out. THERE IS STILL SO MUCH I WANT TO DO! WHY DON'T THEY HEAR ME FOR WHO I AM NOW? I WANT TO SING NEW ROLES.


Time is your friend. Simple, yes. But listen, the best part of not being at the front of the pack is that you HAVE MORE TIME! More time to study your languages, more time to solidify technique with your teacher, more time to have life experiences which will inform your artistry, more time to become the most well rounded artist you can. While wanting to be in a different state of your career is ambitious and ambition is really important in becoming a professional singer, don't let ambition make you rush through the important things.